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Reader Studio 1.5

A free text converter to create MS Reader e-books from HTML, RTF, and TXT files (See all)

Reader Studio is a free text converter designed to create e-books in Microsoft Reader format from any HTML, RTF, or TXT file. You can add specific features for your PocketPC to the output files, though they are equally valid for both your PC and your Windows-based mobile devices. The conversion process is fast and effective, creating high-quality LIT files in just a few seconds.

This useful converter comes with just the options you really need to create your MS Reader books, plus a couple of interesting tools. One of them allows you to merge the different files that conforms a single book in a unique HTML or TXT file, which you can then use to create the MS Reader e-book. The other tool provided will help you unfold Open Packaging Format (OPF) e-books and convert its XML-based content into a text format that Reader Studio can handle.

Unlike other converters, which perform “as is” conversions, Reader Studio includes a limited number of options to help you clean, refine, and enhance the output file. Thus, you can add specific cover and thumbnail images to make your books look more professional when read using your PocketPC (JPG, PNG, and GIF are the supported formats). Besides, you can decide whether to import or leave out tables, images, and fancy font features when using HTML documents as input, or remove those unnecessary and annoying carriage returns and blank lines found in most TXT files. The resulting files may not be perfect, but are certainly more readable than the more common straightforward conversions. As a bonus, you can even create and load separately your own table of contents for HTML files, using hyperlinks to certain parts of the book (chapters, sections, etc.), thus making your e-books even more navigable.

Reader Studio supports a limited set of command line options, especially useful for batch conversions.

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  • Basic enhancing options for more readable e-books
  • Support for OPF containers
  • Command line functionality for batch conversions


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